Fairy Tale

Tempered Glass Single Hole Bathroom Faucet

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Color: Cherry Blossom Pink

The reflective tempered glass creates a dazzling effect of light and shadow. The "Icicle Flow" ensures a serene visual experience while our delightful water wave pattern handle provides a happy textile feel - bringing a true artistic touch into your space, all through the medium of this faucet.

Our currently available color options come in vibrant hues of Cherry Blossom Pink or Pastel Blue.

Why let solace's place in shadows dwell?
Let our "Fairy Tale" faucet weave a spell,
Where life's quiet moments softly employ,
An ode to joy, a simple, radiant joy.

Fairy Tale Series

Get Rainly and live happily ever after

Rainly faucet fairy tale series pastel blue finish top view #color_pastel blue

Glass as Art

The faucet boasts a tempered glass top, offering heat resistance and a sleek appearance. Secured seamlessly to our all-metal faucet, its flat surface and varied materials create a harmonious sparkle. Rest assured, the glass top has been rigorously tested with different temperature flows.

The reflective tempered glass adds a beautiful light effect, making your morning routine glow with radiance.

Dreamy and Cheery

The faucet's colors are applied using spray painting techniques with a protective color coat, shielding it from corrosion, oxidation, and damage. The painted surface is easy to clean and maintain, ensuring lasting beauty and functionality.

Bubbly and Solid

Our faucet's "Icicle Flow" is achieved using the NEOPERL aerator, ensuring a vortex-free flow that provides a serene and clean experience while preventing splashes. The faucet's spout can rotate up to 7 degrees, offering flexibility.

Crafted from Grade A brass and featuring a ceramic valve cartridge that lasts over 500,000 cycles, ensuring durability. It undergoes rigorous testing, including a 24-hour salt spray test, guaranteeing top quality. The plumbing fixtures are CUPC certified.

Wavy and Artistry

The handle, featuring a delightful water wave pattern and shape, whispers of artistry, evoking joy with every touch.

It is marked with red and blue colors to indicate hot and cold water temperatures, adding practicality to its aesthetic appeal.

Bold and Beautiful

Our ethos celebrates a love for nature, from the delicate bloom of flowers to the vast expanse of oceans, mirroring our love for ourselves, our girls, and our boys.

Dreams and fairy tales are not distant fantasies. It flows through the essence of our daily lives.

Get Rainly and live happily ever after.

Feel the Wave

Different finish, different mood.

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