Once Upon A Time

Widespread Pull-Down Bathroom Faucet with Temperature and Flow Memory

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Masterfully designed, it features two individual valves: one operating the fluidity of the water flow, while the second is regulating temperature to provide you with.a perfect experience.
What's unique about this faucet? Set your preferences once, and your faucet will remember. Every subsequent usage is simplified to a mere push of the button located atop the temperature control knob - dispensing water at your desired flow and temperature for the utmost convenience.


  • Smart Memory Function: Your water flow and heat settings are stored for all your future usage to come.
  • One-Touch Water Control: A simple button push can begin or end all water motion.
  • Pull-Down Spout: Extendable spout with essential flexibility to meet all of your cleaning needs.

Once Upon a Time Series

Get Rainly and make memories last.

Too Cold? Too Hot?

They're concerns of the past. A mere nudge, even with your hand's back or the elbow - perhaps in a playful morning streak - and voila, you're greeted with the perfect water temperature and flow level.

Flow Control

With a simple twist, you can change the water from a gentle trickle to a powerful stream, mirrors your desires in liquid form. This faucet remembers your last setting, making it easy to get the perfect water flow every time with just a press.

Here, the knob is your controller, sculpting water's song like a music volume, turning your widespread faucet into a turntable for water flow.

Temperature Control

Turn the knob and feel the water temperature adjust to your liking—warm for a cozy wash or cool for a refreshing rinse. This faucet remembers your last setting, making it easy to get the perfect temperature every time with just a push.

Imagine a DJ controller, but for water—mixing your perfect flow like a melody, crafting harmony with each twist.

It's a symphony of ease and joy, turning mundane twists into blissful moments, crafted solely for your delight.

Rainly faucet once-upon-a-time series front view

Two Valves, Cool Vibes

One valve sets the water's temperature, the other its flow. Twist, push—the controls at your fingertips. You're a DJ orchestrating water's melody. Precise, innovative, and effortlessly cool.


Rainly faucet once-upon-a-time series pull down spout

Pull Out, Flow Alive

The spout pulls out to meet you where you are, making it easy to fill up pots, clean hard-to-reach places, or just enjoy the flexibility of water that moves with you. This faucet adapts to your needs, bringing the water's flow to life in a way that feels natural and effortless.

Different finish, different mood.

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